Empowering young Maine students to build a brighter future . . . for themselves and for their communities.

We can’t ask students to aspire to what they do not understand. Students do not aspire to higher education, but they do aspire to a college or a college major with a cool career that follows. They aspire to dreams. And to aspire to dreams, they need more than inspiration, they need information. They need facts. Maine College Circle began in 1992 because we recognized the alarming difference in the amount of information accessed by students in most of the State of Maine as compared to the information students had in southern, suburban Maine. In 1992, Maine College Circle committed to making information about higher education equally accessible throughout the state, and at an earlier age.

From 2001 - 2012, Maine College Circle wrote the “almost weekly” Maine College Advisor Weekly and distributed it to over 200 schools, school counselors, students, families, and community members. We hope to resume it in the future.

Maine students of any age may also find the Early College Finder to be helpful in their search for good colleges for them. And, of course, the really knowledgable students of college can complete regular College Knowledge Crosswords!

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