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Your College Questions and Answers

Moscow Elementary

Do colleges have recess?
There’s not a specific time in the day in college when you go outside and play, but you have lots of time that you can choose how to use. You always have friends around, so you can always do things like have a snowball fight--and there are always sports and other games!  -Anna

Why do different careers have to go to school for longer amounts of time?
There is no doubt about it, some jobs just require more knowledge. You need some knowledge to know how to make a Big Mac. If you were going into the hospital to have heart surgery, you would hope that your surgeon has learned more than just how to make a Big Mac. Learning often takes time. And those poor teachers, they have to keep learning forever so they can make sure you have learned all the latest information.  -- Bob S.

How long is one day of college?
In college, you are usually in class for much less time than you are in high school or elementary school. I often only have about 3 hours of class per day, so I have a lot of free time. I have to spend some of this free time doing homework for my classes, but I also have time to play sports, hang out with friends, or go to club meetings. --Julianna K.

Are there more than one section of a particular class?

Why are there different types of colleges?
Colleges will have you fill out an application, which is similar for most schools! The application will ask you to tell the school about who you are, what you like to do, what grades you got in school, what classes you took in high school, and what hobbies and interests you have! When you send in an application, colleges will decide if your interests and passions are a good match for their college!-- Kristin B.

How do you know what classes to take?
Every college will help you decide what classes to take, because it will be different for everyone! If you really like science and want to become a doctor, colleges will help you by telling you what math and science classes you need to take! --Kristin B.

Do they have certain buildings for subjects? Bells, time between classes?
Usually colleges will have certain buildings for certain subjects, like a science building or a history building! There are no bells in college, but all the teachers (called professors in college) will dismiss you from class at the same time, so you will know exactly what time to leave and will get a schedule at the beginning of the school year so you will know when your classes start! -Kristin B.

How do you find your way around campus?
It can be hard to find your way around campus when you are new to college, but quickly you will start to learn your way. Sometimes there are tours offered for new students before classes start, so these can be helpful. There are also maps that you can use. If you are ever lost, there are plenty of professors and upperclassmen around who are always happy to direct you wherever you need to go.
-Julianna K.

How do you know which college to go to?
There are so many great colleges, and every college is different, so the best college to go to is the one that you like the most! Finding out what college you like can seem scary, but it is actually really fun! It's fun to look online at college websites to see what types of classes they teach, what kind of activities there are to do, and what kinds of programs they offer! Some colleges have really great science programs, where other colleges have really great history programs! It is fun to see which college you think matches your interests!
-Kristin B.

Do all colleges have a sports team?
Most colleges do! Colleges will have official sports teams that the school runs and will also have student-run sports clubs as well!
-Kristin B.

How many years are you in college?
The number of years you are in college depends on what degree you are trying to get. For an Associates degree it will take 2 years, a Bachelors is 4, a Masters is 5-6, and a Doctorate can take 8 or more years! You can go to college starting at just 2 years, or as long as you like! -Kristin B.

What happens if you don't like what you are studying, can you change?
Yes! During freshman and sophomore year, most students take a wide variety of classes to see what interests them, then they pick their major during junior year. But don’t worry! Even if you choose a major like “Business Management” you can still do something totally different after you graduate, like be an artist. Or, if you major in something like “Biology” you can still apply to law school (extra school on top of college) to become a lawyer. You are never locked into one decision, you can always change what you want to do for a job!
-Aleena B.

What does it cost to get in?
It can cost different amounts to apply to college. For example, it costs $40 to apply to UMaine Orono, but some colleges are have a totally free application.
-Aleena B.

What can I do if I don't have enough money?
You can waive the application fee if you qualify for free and reduced lunch, for example. If you and your family feels like they cannot afford the application fees, there are very simple ways to fix that problem. Don’t let that stop you from applying to college!
-Aleena B.

Can you earn money in college?
Yes! There are plenty of on-campus jobs offered for students. For example, I have a job in the dining hall, and it is a great way for me to make some money without having to go far off-campus. I have friends who work in some offices or cafés on campus, as well. You may also be able to get a job in the area surrounding your college. If there are any shops or restaurants nearby, those could be good places to look for jobs.
-Julianna K.

If you go to college, where do you stay? How do you know which room is yours?
Most of the time, students who are new to the college will stay in a building called a “dorm” which is short for “dormitory.” Only students who go to your college live in your dorm. It’s kind of like a big hotel only for students, but you can decorate your room however you like! Dorms are a good place to meet new friends and fellow students. There is a separate building for the cafeteria. You will be assigned a room number and a key, that’s how you will know which room is yours.
-Aleena B.

Aleena is right. You get a room which has a number and the number is probably on the door. You have to remember what your room number is, but you could write it on your hand or in a notebook. Sometimes you get lost, but eventually you will know just where it is. -- Bob S.

Do you need to share your room?
No, you don’t have to share your room. You could have a single smaller room all to yourself, but most people do have a roommate. Sometimes a roommate turns out to be your best friend!
-Aleena B.

Are boys and girls separate?
It depends on the college and it depends on the dorm; sometimes the boys and girls can live on the same floor, but roommates are almost always girl-girl or boy-boy.

If you live close to the college, do you have to stay there?
If you live close to the college, you can choose to live at home (and save some money, because it costs money to live in the dorms,) or you can choose to live in the dorms for a new experience. It depends on what is best for you and your family.
-Aleena B.

Margaret Chase Smith School

Mrs. Jarvais’ class
Is there a close doctor college?
You can go ALMOST anywhere to study medicine in grades 13, 14, 15, and 16. You would study a lot of science -- biology, chemistry and more. They often call it pre-med. You would earn your bachelor’s degree. Then you would go to med school. The closest med school is UNE, the University of New England, in Biddeford. Tufts and Boston University and Harvard are all in or close to Boston. Bob S.

I want to be an illustrator for children's books. What is a good art school?
Maine College of Art (MECA) is a good art school in Portland. Below is a long list of colleges with good art programs that you may already have. -- Bob S.
California Institute of the Arts, CA
Otis College of Art & Design, CA
Scripps College, CA
Stanford University, CA
Univ. of California at Berkeley, CA
University of the Pacific, CA
Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design, CO
Connecticut College, CT
Fairfield University, CT
University of Hartford, CT
Yale University, CT
Flagler College, FL
Full Sail University, FL
Lynn University, FL
Emory University, GA
Savannah College of Art & Design, GA
Columbia College, IL
Centre College, KY
Loyola University, LA
Boston College, MA
Boston University, MA
Harvard University, MA
Lesley College, MA
Massachusetts College of Art & Design, MA
Mount Ida College, MA
Newbury College, MA
Northeastern University, MA
Smith College, MA
Suffolk University, MA
Wheaton College, MA
Williams College, MA
Johns Hopkins University, MD
Central Maine Community Coll., ME
Eastern Maine Community Coll., ME
Maine College of Art, ME
Southern Maine Community Coll., ME
University of Maine at Augusta, ME
University of Maine at Machias, ME
Washington County Community Coll., ME
York County Community Coll., ME
University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor, MI
Washington University, MO
Guilford College, NC
Alfred University, NY
Bard College, NY
Barnard College, NY
Columbia University, NY
Cooper Union, NY
Cornell University, NY
Hartwick College, NY
Manhattanville College, NY
New York University, NY
Parson’s The New School for Design, NY
Paul Smith’s College, NY
Pratt Institute, NY
Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
Skidmore College, NY
SUNY-Purchase, NY
The New School University, NY
University of Rochester, NY
Vassar College, NY
College of Wooster, OH
Oberlin College, OH
Lewis and Clark College, OR
Willamette University, OR
Carnegie Mellon University, PA
Drexel University, PA
Messiah College, PA
Moravian College, PA
University of Pennsylvania, PA
Brown University, RI
Johnson & Wales University, RI
Rhode Island School of Design, RI
Furman University, SC
Brigham Young University, UT
Roanoke College, VA
University of Mary Washington, VA
Bennington College, VT
Champlain College, VT
University of Vermont, VT
University of Washington, WA
Lawrence University, WI

What is a good college for soccer and basketball in Manhattan Beach Los Angeles California?
I would look into UCLA and USC. -- Bob S.

How do you become a photographer?

What is a good college for being a vet?
Tufts College in Boston is probably the very best school to go for being a vet. However, you usually need to go to college first, get a degree in Biology or something similar, and then go to vet school after you graduate regular college. Most colleges have great Biology programs, UMaine Orono certainly does! So just focus on choosing a good regular college before you start thinking about vet school.
Aleena B.

Can you choose your roommate?
It depends on the school. For example, at Bowdoin, the school places you with roommates for the first year. The school decides who they think would live well together and who it might be nice for you to get to know. But after your first year, you can choose where to live and who to room with. -Anna

Is there a dog college in Louisiana?
That is a tough one! I would suggest LSU, where Shaquille O’Neal went. They have a good veterinary program, but I don’t think Shaq studied much of that. We’ll keep working on that. Bob S.

What would be a good college to go to to become a game warden?
Unity College would be great. UMO, Husson, Thomas, UMFK, UMPI, and College of the Atlantic would also be very good. -- Bob S.

What is a good gymnastics college?
UNH has the best fairly close gymnastics program. Springfield College and Ithaca are possibilities. I like University of Denver. UCLA is very good too.-- Bob S.

What is a good college for nursing and for an eye doctor?

What do you have to do in college?
In college you have to work hard and study, but you also have the chance to join clubs with people who care about the same thing as you! You can join a theater club, a dance club, the basketball team, the football team, the poetry club, the community service club, the board game club, the robotics club, and hundreds of other things you can do!
Where should you go to play soccer?
Where is the best football college?
Where is the best basketball college?

What would be a good college to be a vet?
You can go ALMOST anywhere to study medicine in grades 13, 14, 15, and 16. You would study a lot of science -- biology, chemistry and more. They often call it pre-med. You would earn your bachelor’s degree. Then you would go to vet school. There are no vet schools in Maine. The closest is Tufts University outside of Boston. Cornell in New York, Colorado State, University of Prince Edward Island in Canada (UPEI) are just a few good options. You need very good grades to get into vet school. That just takes effort. So, start today! Bob S.

What type of grades do you need to get into Harvard?
You need to have all A’s or almost all A’s, unless you are a super athlete, in which case you might be able to have a B or two. More importantly, you need to take the most challenging courses in high school. Those are often called Honors and AP courses. Harvard likes students who like to challenge themselves. -- Bob S.

Margaret Chase Smith School

Mrs. Herrick

How many people can be in a class?
This really depends on the college that you attend. At Bowdoin, there are no classes with more than 60 kids, and many of the classes have under 20 students in them. I have even heard of some classes with only 5 students! But at a larger university, there might be some lecture classes of 300 or more students. Usually these large classes are broken down into discussion sections that meet once a week, so that you still are able to have a discussion with a smaller group of students. --Julianna K.

What college is best to get taught how to be a hairdresser?
There are usually special schools called “cosmetology schools” and they teach you how to be a hairdresser! You could also take some classes from UMaine, or community college, and get a business degree so that you can own your very own hairdressing salon! And then you can name it whatever you want!
-Aleena B.

How many colleges are there?
About 4000 in the US. About 11,000 in the world. You can find one that will be great for you. You can probably find 100! -- Bob S.

What is the biggest college?
I think the largest university in the US is the University of Phoenix, but that is mostly done online, or the City University of New York, which is a lot of separate campuses. I think the largest campus is the University of Central Florida with more than 50,000 students. That’s big! I guess the biggest university in the world is Indira Gandhi National Open University in India which has more than three million students. That is really big. -- Bob S.

Is there a gym at college?
Yes, most colleges have gym facilities, usually with workout machines, a weight room, a track & field, and a basketball court. I love to go to the gym to take a break from studying and get some exercise. There are also often yoga or dance studios, and maybe a hockey rink. Some gyms, like our gym at Bowdoin, have rock walls for rock-climbing, which is super fun! --Julianna K.

What is the best college?
Every college is different, so the best college is the one that you think will make you happiest and interests you the most! The best college will be different for every person, so the way to find out what college would be best for you would be to discover what you like to do, what you like to study or what you think is interesting, and then see what colleges offer the things you like most!--Kristin B.

How many classes are you allowed to take because I want five classes or more?
Most colleges will have you take 4-6 classes a semester, depending on the school. You can always take more classes, but the minimum is usually 4 classes a semester. A semester is like a 2 quarters in middle school-- college classes will last about 3 months, so you have 2 semesters in a school year.

Where would a game warden go to college?
Unity College would be great. UMO, Husson, Thomas, UMFK, UMPI, and College of the Atlantic would also be very good. -- Bob S.

What college would be good for me?
The best college for you is the one that you think will make you happiest and interests you the most! The best college will be different for every person, so the way to find out what college would be best for you would be to discover what you like to do, what you like to study or what you think is interesting, and then see what colleges offer the things you like most!--Kristin B.

Is science hard in college?
Yes, science can be very hard! I have some friends who are studying science and they are always studying and reading to get ready for a test or quiz. It is very hard work. But as Colin Powell said, “A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Nothing good ever comes easy!
-Aleena B.

What happens if you go to college for something and halfway through you change your mind?
That's totally okay and it happens to a lot of people! A lot of people will spend their first year in college taking different classes to see what they like! You can switch your major through your first year or two in college, and you will meet lots of people your first year in college who can help you decide what new things you might want to learn about! --Kristin B.

What is a good college for software developing?

Bloomfield Elementary

Mrs. Maleck:
What kind of work can be done if you are interested in sports, other than play the sport?
There are many jobs related to sports. For example, you can be a physical trainer, to help the athletes get in shape or recover after they get hurt. You can be a coach, of course! You can be a commentator, like you see and hear on ESPN. Or, you could be a sports agent. A sports agent is like the business manager for a player. Like Stephen Curry’s sports agent is the one that helps Stephen Curry get to be on Under Armour commercials, so she (or he) helps Stephen Curry make lots of money. Most sports agents go to college to study business.
-Aleena B.

What are some careers that involve a lot of math?  science/biology/physics( how things work)/engineering ( building/designing roads,bridges,etc.)
These are all great subjects!

What if you don't have a lot of money to pay for college?

When can a student start getting ready for college?
I wouldn’t worry about it much until you get to second grade. After that, you can start building good habits for learning. And, just as important, you start to develop a reputation. Teachers start to see you as someone who works hard and wants to do well. That will help you get into a lot of college and help you get a lot out of your experience in college. -- Bob S.

Who can help young people learn about a job?
How do I ( students) know where to start looking for/choosing  a college to apply or go to?

What are good schools for Art and Drama?(nearby)
Maine College of Art (MECA) has a great art program in Portland. Emerson and Boston University have great drama programs in Boston. -- Bob S.

Bloomfield Elementary

Mrs. Labbe:
How do you know you want to do that college career?
That’s a great question! Every college and every career is different, so the best college or career is the one that you think will make you happiest and interests you the most! The way to find out what college you might like or what career you might like is to do an internship or job shadow, and follow around someone for a day to see what their job is like! That way you can see if you like it too! You can ask people in the jobs you like what school they went to! It is fun to discover what you like to do, what you like to study or what you think is interesting, and then see what colleges and careers match your interests!--Kristin B.

Where would I go to school if I wanted to be a doctor, nurse, dancer, singer, dentist?
If I want to be a lego designer should I make ideas with  my own legos?
How many years should I go to college to be a lego designer?
Where do you have to tag a shark? Do you choose where to travel or does someone else?

What is it like to be on an airplane?
It is fun, but you definitely hope your pilot knows what he is doing. Hopefully he went to college at Embry-Riddle or the US Air Force Academy to study to be a pilot. Hopefully, on the plane you will have a window seat so you can look out the window, but sometimes airplanes can be crowded. If you go to college in California or Australia, you will definitely want to fly. -- Bob S.

What do you do for a job?
I talk to students about college and help them find a great college for them. -- Bob S.

Where a few colleges that I can go to be a mechanic? (How many months will I have to go to school?)
I suggest you look at EMCC or WCCC or MMA. That is Eastern Maine Community College, Washington County Community College, and Maine Maritime Academy, not Mixed Martial Arts. Or NASCAR Tech. Or WyoTech. Or UTI. -- Bob S.

What do I have to get ready right now for a dentist?
Brush your teeth. If you want to get ready to go to college to become a dentist, I would work hard in school to get good grades and do some extra projects in science. And, ask your dentist where he or she went to college. Find that out before he or she starts working on your teeth. Only let them work on your teeth if they went to a good dental school and earned their doctorate degree. University of New England has a good dental school in Maine. Tufts is very good in Massachusetts. Bob S.

What kind of jobs can I be if I am a dentist?
How much years do you have to be in college to be a carpenter?
What kind of jobs can a computer programmer do?
How do I become a doctor? And what kind of doctor could I be?
How many years does it take to get a career?

What do I have to do to be a:
Video game tester/maker
Librarian   University of Maine at Augusta has a good library science program. It is in . . . you guessed it . . . Augusta. Bob S.

Teacher To be a teacher, you can usually study whatever you’re interested in, or what you’re interested in teaching, for undergraduate (college). You could also study Education, which teaches you how people learn and how the education system works (super helpful!). After college, you can go to graduate school to learn more about how to teach well, or enter a teacher certification program. As soon as you have your certificate (which can be as soon as a couple months after college), you can start teaching! -Anna

How long would you be in school if you wanted to work at the pet store?
What is it like to be a vet? What school do I need to go to?
Where do you go to be a police officer? Or a teacher (my backup plan)
What is it like to be a paramedic life flight? What do you have to do on the life flight if you are a paramedic?

How many jobs did you have Bob?
I had a lot of summer jobs when I was younger. Other than that, I would say I have had six jobs -- all of them in education in some way. Bob S.

How many colleges do I have to go to be a marine biologist?
You should certainly get a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree would be even better. A doctorate would be great too. -- Bob S.

Bloomfield Elementary

Mrs. Poulin:
What can they do now to prepare for college?
What is college like?

What do you need to study to be  S.W.A.T, a teacher, a nurse, a veterinarian, a builder, a mechanic, a forester?
Teachers get to study lots of things! They can study teaching/education (how to be a teacher) or they can study the specific subject they want to teach (like math). -Anna

How big is college?

How much does it cost?
Some colleges cost $65,000 each year for four years; some cost $0. Some people go to colleges that cost $65,000 but they don’t pay anything. They earned scholarships. How did they do that? They worked hard to do well in school. And, you are likely to get more in financial aid (sort of like scholarships), if your parents don’t make a lot of money. Work hard today to get good grades and you can save a lot of money! $260,000! -- Bob S.

How do you keep your grades up?
Six letters. Begins with EF, ends with RT. You don’t have to be smart. Go to class. Pay attention in class. Do your homework and turn it in on time. And, get help when you are confused or having a hard time. Six letters. -- Bob S.

How many kids go to college?
What can we practice/do now to be a vet? A mechanic? A teacher? A builder? An architect, a forester?
What jobs come from college?

Group 2: (Flannery, Mayo, Swensson)

Bloomfield Elementary
What are good programs/colleges for students wanting to play basketball?
Where is a college close to home where I can learn about building houses?
I want to be a teacher, but I don’t know what college to go to.
What is a good college to learn about animals/being a vet? One that is close to home?
Where can I learn about computer coding? What jobs can I do if I learn about it?
What can I do now if I want to be a scientist?
Where can I go to learn about being a designer?

Where can I learn about being physically fit?
You can learn about that at a lot of colleges, but one that stands out in my mind is Springfield College in Massachusetts. That is where John Cena went to college. Studying exercise science and nutrition there or at lots of other colleges would be smart. -- Bob S.

Bloomfield Elementary

How long can you go to college?
You can usually get a degree after going to college for anywhere between 2 years (technical or community college) and many years after college (probably up to 12 years total!). -Anna

Is taming animals a hard thing to do in college?
How hard is it to get into college?
How much money is college?
Some colleges cost $65,000 each year for four years; some cost $0. Some people go to colleges that cost $65,000 but they don’t pay anything. They earned scholarships. How did they do that? They worked hard to do well in school. And, you are likely to get more in financial aid (sort of like scholarships), if your parents don’t make a lot of money. Work hard today to get good grades and you can save a lot of money! $260,000! -- Bob S.

Where do you live in college?  

Can you bring pets?
Sometimes you can bring small pets like fish or maybe a hamsters, but dorm rooms are usually fairly small so you can’t bring a dog or a bear or a cow or your chickens or a moose. But, at some schools you can actually bring your horse, but it can’t stay in your dorm room. -- Bob S.

Is college big?
Some colleges are big and some are small. Some colleges have under 1,000 students total, while others have 40,000 students. Some have huge campuses, and others have small ones that fit in a one-block radius. Bowdoin is a small school, which I really like, but I also have friends at much larger schools, like University of Massachusetts, and they are really happy there. It all depends on what kind of school you want. --Julianna K.

Bloomfield Elementary

What kinds of majors are there?
What kinds of classes can you take?
How do you choose a college?
Do you have to have a scholarship?  What other ways can you get help to pay?
Where do you stay at college?
What happens if you get in trouble when you are going to college?
What can you do at college besides just taking classes?
Do you have a graduation ceremony?
How long do you have to go?
What do you do if you don’t want to go for 4 years? (EX. if you want to be a mechanic, fireman, welder)

Margaret Chase Smith School

Will I ever be able to see my friends again when I go to college?
What is a good college for fashion design?
What is a good college for a filmmaker?
How long are the classes in college?
What are some good sport colleges?

Is online college cheaper than going to college?
Often, but not always. -- Bob S.

If I am on the college soccer team how do I go further all the way to where it is my job?
Do you get to pick your roommates?
What do you do when you are not in class course studying?
What are the best colleges for cooking or being an astrophysicist?
Can you go home when you want?
What if someone sneaks in?
What if your roommate threatens you?
If you want to work somewhere that doesn't need a degree, should you still go to college?
Are there certain colleges for certain things?
What if you want more than three or four majors?
Is college fun?
What if you go to college and don't take the classes?
Are all the teachers nice?
What is fun in college to do and free time?
How do you know if that's the right college for you?
Do you have to go to college?
What would be a good college to become a kindergarten teacher?
What is a good college for a lab technician and a football player?
Do you need to go to college right out of high school?
Which is better, college in person or doing it online?
How long do you need to stay in college?
How long are classes?
How much money is it to go to college for one year?

What is the best college, period?
There is no answer to this question, sorry!

Margaret Chase Smith School

What is a good college for singing and cooking?
Where are really good colleges for singing in Maine?
What is a good college to be a basketball player and a marine biologist?
How do different degrees help you?
What is the best college to go to if you want to be a teacher?
What would be a good college for being a robotics engineer?
Where is a good place to go to college for a fashion designer to design sports close and spring dresses?
Big ones and small ones, like Ohio State and the College of the Atlantic.. Some in the middle of the city, (BU) and some in the woods (UMFK). Some all women (Wellesley) and some all guys (Hampden-Sydney), and many with boys and girls. Some for four years. Some for two years. Some more. Some less. Some emphasize engineering, some videogame design, some fashion, some animals, some reading, some science, some automotive technology. Some make you work very hard. Some are easier. There are 4000 different colleges in the US. None are quite the same. They are what makes our country so great. We have many different people with many different interests and skills and when we put all these different skills and interest together, we can do a lot of good things. -- Bob S.

What college do you have to go to to be in the WNBA?
UConn, University of Connecticut, always does really well in women’s basketball. A few other teams you might look into are:
University of Notre Dame, IN
Duke University, NC
University of North Carolina, NC
Boston College, MA
Bowdoin College, ME
University of Maine, ME
University of New England, ME
University of Southern Maine, ME
Stanford University, CA
Ithaca College, NY
University of Rochester, NY
Tufts University, MA
Amherst College, MA
Smith College, MA
Stonehill College, MA
Washington University, MO
University of Tennessee, TN
-- Bob S.
What types of veterinarians are there?
What do you have to do to become a gymnast?
Can I play basketball in college?
Yes, almost all colleges and universities have a basketball team, for men and for women. Even some community colleges have basketball teams, like Southern Maine Community College. Most people play basketball in college to make new friends, have fun, and get exercise. Very very few of these people actually want to play in the WNBA and NBA.
-Aleena B.

How long does it take to make a video game or become a game designer?

Margaret Chase Smith School
How do you get into college?

I want to be an army man and serve the USA. Is there a college called West Point?
If I were to be a pharmacist, how many years would I be in college?
Are there teacher classes at a college on a beach in Maine?
What college would be best for a police officer?
What college should I go to because I want to be a truck driver?
Is Iowa State University good for architecture and carpentry?
How many classes are there?
What is a good baseball college?
Is there a college that has everything to do with dogs?
Is there a dog college in Louisiana?
What colleges are good for sports for all people?
Do you have to pay to get to a military college?
Is there a good college to learn to teach?
Is there a good college to learn to pro ski?

Margaret Chase Smith School

Could you take a welding class?
What is a degree?
What is college like?

Can you change colleges?
Absolutely! Students change colleges all the time. The process of changing college is called transferring.

I like math and jokes. What college would I be in?
How do you know where to go?
What is a good college for being a veterinarian?
I love math. What college can I go to to be an accountant?
What college is near Oakland or Skowhegan?
How many years do I have to go to school to be a veterinarian?
Do we have to pay over $100 to attend a class?
What should I be if I like social studies and reading?
Is it nice to achieve something in college?
What college should I go to to be a marine engineer?
Do you have to have a high school diploma enter college?
Which college should I go to if I want to be a cop?
Are the biggest colleges the best colleges to go to?
Can you go to two different colleges?
Can you study for more than one job at a time?
What do you have to do to become a doctor?
I want to know how many years would I be in college if I want to work with tigers. How many other people do you think want to work with Tigers?
Do I have to go to college to be a real estate agent?
What college would you recommend to become a singer?
What college is the best college to learn culinary arts?

Margaret Chase Smith School

Is there a college in Maine to become a vet?
Well, I suppose that depends on what you mean. To become a vet, first you have to go to college and get what is called an undergraduate degree, which takes around four years. Generally, students hoping to become veterinarians will study chemistry, physics, biochemistry, biology, animal biology, or zoology while in undergraduate college.

After that, you apply to vet school, where you actually learn how to become a working veterinarian. After graduating, you receive a veterinary degree, which is usually called a DVM or VMD, and then you can start working as a vet! Unfortunately, there are no vet schools in Maine. The closest vet school is a Tufts University, which is right near Boston. But luckily, if you want to go to vet school, you can get your undergraduate degree at any college in Maine! So you can certainly start your journey to become a vet here in Maine, but you will have to go to veterinary school in another state. Since becoming a vet requires an undergraduate degree and a veterinary school degree, it usually takes 7 or 8 years of studying after graduating high school.

However, you can also become what is called a vet tech, or veterinary technician or veterinary technologist. A vet tech is sort of like an assistant to a veterinarian, almost like a nurse but for animals. To become a vet tech, you usually only need to go to college for two years after high school. And luckily, there are two great vet tech schools here in Maine. One of the best programs to become a vet tech is an the University of Maine Augusta campus in Bangor. York County Community College in Wells also has a vet tech program.-Hunter

How would you choose a college in the place you want to go?
Is it fun in college?
What college  what would help me learn how to be a repair man for Hight’s car dealership?

In college, can you do anything?

Do they have colleges for special things?

Do you have to go to college for everything?
No, of course not! There are many great careers available that do not require a college degree. But most jobs today do require some form of education past high school, and that can be a two year associate’s degree, a four year bachelor’s degree, or even a master’s degree or Doctorate/PhD. So in that sense, going to college allows you to have many more options when picking a job or career. But, college is certainly not required for all jobs!-Hunter

How could you get a degree for being a cheerleader or a cheer coach?
Is college easy, hard, or fun?

How many years does it take to get a bachelor’s degree?
Usually it takes four years to get a bachelor’s degree, but some people do it a bit faster or slower. Some of my friends in college were able to finish their bachelor’s degree in just three years, since they took extra classes or earned college credits while in high school. And some people take longer, like me! It will take five years for me to get my bachelor’s degree, since I took one year off from college to work and save money.-Hunter

What college would be good for salon and stuff like hair and nails,
I know that a lot of actors drop out of school but to some actors go to college and learn some stuff about acting?
Are you allowed to do whatever you want in college?
What would be the best school to go to if you want to be an actor?
What college is good for being an EMT?
What college is good for you if you want to be a gymnastics coach?
Do you like small colleges or big colleges, because if you go to a small college you won't have to walk as much, if you go to a big college you will have to walk a lot?

Do you have a limit on belongings that you can bring?
There is no limit to the stuff you can bring to college. As long as it fits in your dorm room, it’s okay to bring! However, I recommend that you do not bring lots and lots of stuff. It will get cluttered and it will be hard to move back home.
-Aleena B.

Can you pick the college you go to?
Yes, only you can choose the college you go to!
-Aleena B.

Do you have to go to college to become an author?

Is every college the same just with different classes?

I want to design clothes. Where could I go?
I suggest F.I.T. or F.I.D.M or R.I.S.D. or S.C.A.D or ESMOD. You had better google those! -- Bob S.

Yes, F.I.T. is a great option! It is the Fashion Institute of Technology, and it is right in the middle of New York City! One of my good friends is now a fashion designer, and she went to college at Parsons, The New School for Design, which is also in New York City. -Hunter

If I would like to be an artist, where could I go?
I would like to be an actress. What college could I go to in Maine?
How much do you have to pay to be a cook?

What is the best college in Maine?
A lot of students answering these questions are at Bowdoin College, so if you ask them what the best college in Maine is, you know what they will say! I am sure you will get some other opinions. The best college in Maine will be the one that is best for you. -- Bob S.

What is a good college to go to for learning about science?
About how much money does it cost to go to college?

Are there colleges in Maine that teach cosmetology and where would they be at?
Four. CosmoTech and SpaTech in Westbrook. Empire in Portland and Bangor, and Aveda in Augusta. -- Bob S.

Peninsula School, Prospect Harbor

Can you bring your own things to college?
Yes! You can bring all of your own things to college, as long as they can fit in your dorm room. I brought my clothes, my sheets & pillows, my books, and more! -Julianna K.
Can you be whatever you want to be at college?
Which college is the best college for movies and video games?
Do you have your own dorm? Or do you have to share a dorm?
It depends on your school’s rules. At some schools, you may have your own room, while at others, you may have a roommate (or multiple roommates). At my school, most students have at least one roommate. I have four! -Julianna K.
How long do you have to spend away from your family?
What is the best college to learn about ghosts?
Can you see your family during college?
You can absolutely see your family during college! You can go home for a weekend, or your family can come visit you on campus. There are also holiday vacations throughout the year, so you will get a chance to go home and spend time with family. -Julianna K.
Can you see your friends in college?
Do you get to drive out of college to shop?
Can you have your own room?
How can I get into art?
Depending on the school you go to, there may be art classes you can take. At Bowdoin, I know people who are taking drawing, printmaking, sculpting, and film classes. There are also lots of opportunities to do art on campus, maybe through an art club. Most schools have some sort of craft center where you can do whatever kind of art you want. I made a cool mug at my school’s craft center! -Julianna
Do you take trips in college?
Yes! Some classes may have field trips to cool places. For my oceanography class, we get to take a trip out on the ocean to do our experiments. Some classes get to travel even farther, and lots of schools offer opportunities for field research. If you find something that you want to research, you may be able to go on a trip to another part of the state or another part of the country (maybe even out of the country). -Julianna
Do you get to do dig projects?
How many colleges are there?
Do people help you choose a college?
How many years does it take to become an artist?
Is college like school?

Do you have to be there every day?
Can a college ever be full?
In college you have to be there all four years?
There are many different types of colleges. Some only require you to go for a year or two, others require four, and others require more than four years. For example, most students at UMaine Orono go to school for four years before they get their degree, but students at Maine community colleges only have to go to school for two years. If you do a little research into what you are interested in studying, you will be able to find the programs that are right for you and the amount of time it will take to complete them! -Julianna
Do you have to go to college to get a job?
Can you earn any money in college?
You definitely can! You can get a job either on or off campus, depending on what works best for your schedule. If there is a grocery store or cafe near campus, for example, you might be able to work there. Most schools also offer on-campus jobs. To make a little money, I work at my school’s dining hall, and I have friends who work as lifeguards at the school pool or as office assistants in the admissions office. There are lots of options! -Julianna
Is it your choice to pick a roommate?
Some colleges let you pick your own roommate, while others assign you a roommate (or roommates). I had to fill out a survey, and was matched with my roommates based on my responses. But I have friends at other schools who were randomly assigned a roommate. And I have other friends who got to choose their roommate ahead of time. -Julianna
Where is the closest college for filming?
Can your parents come to college?
Your parents can absolutely come visit you at college! Many colleges even have a “Parents’ Weekend” where all the students’ parents and families come visit the campus. But your parents can come visit you anytime they want. -Julianna
Can people work together for homework?
It depends on what your professor wants you to do. Some professors allow, and even want, you to work with other people on the homework. Some professors require that you work on the homework by yourself. Some professors let you work with people on homework, but require that projects are done individually. Don’t worry, though, because your professor will tell you what he/she wants you to do. And you can always ask if you are unsure! -Julianna
Does it cost money for food in college?
Do they have field trips in college?
(answered above under “Do you take trips in college?”)
What kinds of food do they have in college?
Do you get to pick your roommates?
(answered above under “Is it your choice to pick a roommate?”)
Do they have sports you can play in college?
Can you switch roommates if you want to?
How many years do you stay in college to become a baseball player?
Are you more likely to get a better job if you go to college?
When do you need to decide what you are going to study?
Are there good music colleges?
Are you allowed to move up a level if you are smart enough?
Do they have groups where they get a deal if you are really good at a certain subject? What subjects?
How long do you have to go to college to be a lawyer?
Is there any age over 18 when you can't go to college anymore?
What is the difference between a private college and university?
What colleges are in Boston, Maine, or Oregon?

Where do I get a Class A license?
What is the best medical school in the United States, with a swim team?
What made you want to teach kids about college?
How many years did you go to college for?
Where should I go for paleontology?
How do you get a college scout to watch you?
How many years do you have to go for each degree?
What is a good degree to go for?
What is a good college for sports?
What is the best photography school in the United States?
What colleges are there in Florida?
What are some good colleges for game design?
What are good colleges for nutrition?
What is a good college to attend to become a captain of a Navy ship?
I suggest Maine Maritime Academy or maybe the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. -- Bob S.

How much is it to get into an ordinary college?
How much does it cost to go to UCLA?
What colleges cannot go to for power line pole work?
What is a good college for playing football?
Where is the closest college for videogame design?
What is a college that has good basketball and sports medicine?
How many years of college are best?
Does the University of Colorado have a good soccer program?
What is the highest degree you can get in college?
How do you make sure that you pick the best college? How do I find the perfect college?
There is no trick to this, but it is really important. You do exactly what you are doing right now. You don’t wait until the end of high school. You wonder. You ask questions. You do research. You think about what you would like and wouldn’t like. You ask others about their experience in college. -- Bob S.

How do you decide who wins the scholarship?
It can be challenging, but we focus on effort. We try to award scholarships to the students who seem to have made the most effort. -- Bob S.

Which college would you pick if you had to pick one?
I might pick Colorado College. I like the college and its Block Plan and I like the location. But, there are a lot of colleges I would love to go to. -- Bob S.

What are we allowed to use the scholarship for?
Expenses in college, or to help you with the cost of applying to or visiting colleges, or some kind of program or product today that will help you pursue your aspirations. -- Bob S.

What if we are not sure what we want are major to be for college?
Can we pick the same college as last year?

Can we still do the essay if we are not sure what we want to be?

What is your personal opinion of Gordon College?
I like it. It is a very good Christian college with a great location. -- Bob S.

How do we afford college?
The honest answer to this is you get really good grades, and to do that, you just have to make the effort . . . starting now, not in high school. -- Bob S.

What if you want to major in a lot of different things?
That is great news. You study them all and slowly you figure out which ones you like the best. If you have several areas you know about, you will be at a big advantage in and after college. -- Bob S.

What college should you go to if you want to major in business?
To be a music teacher?
To be a pediatrician?
To be a surgeon?
To be a neurologist?
For graphic design?
For art and photography?
To become an author?
What is an affordable college for soccer?
Which college has the best quarterback?
University of Michigan had the best quarterback ever. TB12. -- Bob S.

I'm leaving this weekend but can I work on the essay while I'm in Arizona? I'll be gone for a month.
You sure can.

Where is the closest college?
What is a college for zoology?
What state has a paleontology college?
Where is the closest dance school?
What are schools for mechanical engineering and robotics?
How many years does it take to become a doctor?
What is the best college for basketball?
For football?
For swimming?
For soccer?
For golf?
For softball?
For baseball?
Where is the closest music school?
Where is the best writing college?
How many years do you have to go to college to be an NFL player?
Do high schoolers know what they want to do?

Is there a place to stay when you go to college?
What is the best college to go to for cooking?
How many years can you stay in college?
What is a good teacher college?
Are there college gymnastics programs?
Is Husson a good college for basketball?
Is there an arts college?
Where is the best college to play hockey?
What should you bring to college?
Is there a college for game wardens?
What college would I go to if I wanted to travel all around the world, play basketball, and study biology at the same time?

If you had to pick out of these two colleges to go to for basketball, which one would you pick? A: Stanford University, B: University of Tennessee.
I would pick Stanford. I like the location better and I think I could get an even better education there. -- Bob S.

How do you do three different things at the same time?

Do you have to stay with the classes that you pick in college?
No, a lot of people switch classes and majors, but it is usually not a good idea to switch a class in the middle of the class. You often get a few days to try out a class to decide if you like it or not. Then you can switch. -- Bob S.
I would like to know some good Air Force colleges to go to that aren't that far from Maine.

MDI school, uncertain which one?
What college should I go to if I want to run a business?
How many years do you go to college to be a teacher?
How many years do you go to be a videogame designer, and where?
I want to play football. What colleges have football?
Where do I go to be a teacher? What do I have to study?
Where do I go to be a scientist and what do I study?
Where can I go to be a nurse?
Where would I go to be a doctor?
How many years do you go to school to be a scientist?
Where do I go to be a game warden and what do I need to study?
What school and what should I study if I want to be a soccer player?
What about Colby College? Is there a difference between Colby and a regular college?

Uncertain school
What are the steps to get to college?
Most colleges require some sort of application. The application can usually be filled out online, and it will probably ask you some questions about your high school, your family, your favorite activities to do, and more. The application may ask you to write one or a few essays that explain more about yourself. For example, I wrote a college essay about my favorite place in the world. Depending on the college, you may have a specific essay prompt to respond to, or you may be able to write whatever you want. Some colleges ask that someone submits a letter of recommendation on your behalf. You may ask a teacher or a coach who knows you well to write a letter describing your most positive attributes in order to convince the college to accept you. After you submit the application, you may be asked to interview. This just means that you will have a conversation with someone who works at the college. The interviewer may ask you questions about yourself, like “What was your favorite subject in high school?” or they may ask you questions, like “Why do you want to go to this college?” You may also get a chance to ask the interviewer questions about the school. The application process varies from college to college. If you check out a college’s website, under the “Admissions” tab, you will be able to find more information about that school’s application policy. Once you have applied, you have done all you can do and now you just have to wait to hear back from the college!  
What do you do at college?
Do you get to see your family?
You do get to see your family! Your family can come to visit you on campus, or you can go home for a weekend, depending on what is best for your schedule. Some schools have a “Family Weekend” when there are a lot of fun events planned for students and their families to do. There are also a lot of breaks throughout the school year, so you will have a chance to go home and see your family for holidays.
How much does college cost?
What is the closest college?
Can you take time off whenever you want?
Do you live there? Why?
If your college has student dorms, then you can choose to live on campus. Some colleges are commuter colleges and they do not have housing options, so all students commute into school from their homes. Some schools do have dorms, where all the students live. And some schools have a mix of students who live on campus and students who live at home. It is your choice to decide where to live, based on what is best for you and your family.
To go to college every day?
Does it matter what age you are?
Does your age affect how much college costs?
Do you get to choose what classes you take in college?
After college do you sometimes need extra training?
Is there recess?
What college should I go to if I want to become a……
Tire shop worker?
Marine engineer?
Football player and a game warden?
Game warden?
Two colleges have separate boy and girl dorms?
Can you go to college and the military?
Do nurses practice on real people in college?
Are there any rooms where you can do homework at college?
There are lots of rooms where you can do homework! Almost all schools have libraries with desks, books, computers, and other resources to help you study. Most schools also have a student center with more spaces where you can sit and do your work. If you’re living in a dorm room, then you can do your homework in there, too. Sometimes empty classrooms are available for students to use. Colleges want to help make it easy for you to get your homework done, so there will definitely be a room where you can work! -Julianna