Empowering young Maine students to build a brighter future . . . for themselves and for their communities.

$100 College Aspirations Scholarships have been awarded to over 1200 Maine elementary school students with leadership from Maine College Circle. Many people correctly point out that $100 will do only a little to meet the costs of a year of higher education, but our experience over many years confirms that these $100 College Aspirations Scholarships do much to show support for each recipient’s aspirations. The scholarships, the campus visit, the t-shirt, the scholarship ceremony, the VIP program, and public celebration of each student’s aspirations all do a lot to give the student a little extra confidence to pursue his or her dreams. That builds a brighter future -- for the student, for their community, and for our world.

“In my opinion, Kason should have received your scholarship last year. Applying for the scholarship changed his whole demeanor at school. He became the student his mom had always told me he could be.

Kason is a smart young person, but very shy. When I had him in 3rd grade, he wasn't really all that interested in school, and did his work with the least amount of effort. He preferred to play video games. Last May when Bob Stuart came in and talked to our class about college, you could see a glimmer come into his eyes. He started asking me questions about what he had to do to be “better” in school. Since that moment Kason has become a fabulous student. He is self-directed, detail-oriented, and produces quality work. The essay that he is passing in was his 5th or 6th attempt without any help from an adult.

Last year he intended to go to West Point, this year, it is Tufts. Kason has big dreams.” -- A teacher

A list of recent Future of Maine College Aspirations Scholarship Recipients