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Future of Maine
Connection Team Responsibilities

The Purpose of Connection Teams:

    Each Connection Team will be comprised of 5 or more professionals/connectors for each elementary school we support. Each team will be coordinated by a business or other organization. Maine College Circle, in partnership with the Mitchell Institute, will try to provide each team with one Mitchell Scholar currently in college and from that community. Connection Teams should be made up of employees of the business (or members of the organization), and/or family members, and/or friends or customers of the business or organization. We hope these Connection Teams will accomplish the following each year.

    1. Deliver Future of Maine Scholarship applications to the students at the Aspirations Workshop at that school. (Optional. Bob Stuart can do this if needed.)
    2. Check in with a teacher/s at the school about the students’ progress with their scholarship applications and to see what support they could use.
    3. Meet with teachers at the school at least once a year to hear their perspective and understand better how we could help.
    4. Be an ongoing resource for students and teachers.
    5. Make professional connections for all scholarship applicants that need help with their encouraged professional interview.
    6. Pick up the applications on the due date.
    7. Review all applications from the school and recommend several from that school for scholarships.
    8. Provide at least one representative from the team to help review all regional scholarship applications and select scholarship recipients.
    9. Recognize and celebrate the scholarship recipients at the annual scholarship ceremony.
    10. Meet with past scholarship recipients each year and listen.
    11. Organize two or more “Rotary meetings” each year for recipients and guests to help them make connections and learn more about future opportunities.
    12. Advise on the Pre-Degree program and help connect their school when appropriate.