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Maine College Circle

Comments from teachers, students, principals, and counselors about these workshops.

• These school workshops and this whole program have been the highlight of my thirteen years of teaching. -- a teacher

• It is great what you are doing. My child is determined to go to college now. He used to think college was too expensive and he wouldn't be smart enough. Your workshops and the scholarship have really made a difference. Thanks! -- a parent

• I began working at the age of 13 and while I have enjoyed moderate success in my working career, I have often wondered what my future would have held if someone like yourself visited my school in 5th grade and said, "you can go to college!" I know that there are children in your audiences that do not discuss college in their homes, but now through your program, have the opportunity to talk about college and begin thinking about their futures beyond high school. -- a school administrator

• Great information that all these kids deserve to have! -- a teacher

• You are right on target. We can make connections to our Writing Process Curriculum. The presentation was outstanding. Great connections to students’ lives. -- a teacher

• Thank you for coming in and talking to us about college. I really enjoyed having you here. I learned a lot about college. I wonder which college would be best for me. I never knew there are 3600 -- a student

• Thank you so much for coming into my classroom and sharing with our students. It was a great presentation! My students went on talking about it throughout the rest of the day. It looks like some good seeds were sown. Your open and encouraging manner with kids really gave them an ability to begin thinking more widely. My 6th grade and I spent the half hour right after you left continuing the conversation. There are so many dreams that got watered that day. Thank you for your time and dedication. -- a teacher

• Thank you for all you do for us! I think the program is an excellent way to get kids thinking as well as excited about college. I really appreciate you taking your time to consistently come in to work with the students. Take care!! -- a teacher

• Your presentation was very “kid friendly.” -- a teacher

• From all reports, it was great. – a school principal

• This workshop gives kids the opportunity to see the relationship between their school years, college options, and life in general. It is extremely beneficial to extend their future thinking! -- a teacher

• This program was exceptionally helpful. You do an excellent job! -- a teacher

• Very informative and presented at the appropriate level for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. Involving the students by asking questions made this a very interactive presentation. The students enjoyed it. -- a teacher

• Bob is a very dynamic speaker. He really communicated well with students. Thank you! -- a teacher

• An outstanding presentation in which important facts were shared with the kids in a friendly manner. He has A+ teaching skills! -- a teacher

• I appreciate the fact that all careers are considered. I think the emphasis on basing a career on something the student likes to do now opens a lot of doors. -- a teacher

• You always do a great job! You know the kids would talk to you for hours! -- a teacher

• The posters you gave us were great! I used them to make a giant hallway display. Students enjoyed the opportunities to look at the posters and talk to their friends and staff. -- a teacher

• Just wanted to let you know that your seminar last night for was outstanding, and exceeded any expectations I may have had. Great information, and even better insight. – a parent

• I've seen you speak a couple of times in the past year or so in our area and I'd like to tell you how impressed I've been with not only your knowledge of your subject, but also your most interesting presentation of it! Maine students and parents are lucky to have you as a resource.

• A Great presentation! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with our students. – a guidance counselor

• You are wonderful!!!!! We would love to participate and my kids have done quite a bit of research. At least, as far as our students and normal college info. - which was not in existence. I am so impressed with the difference in the conversations around college. Thank you so much for what you do. YES - PLEASE COME AND TALK TO OUR KIDS - ANYTIME~!

• I’ve never known anyone who knows as much about colleges as Bob does!

• Thank you so much for all your time last week. You really wowed the kids! We appreciate your time, energy, and positive spirit. – a principal

• You spark our students’ imagination and enthusiasm. Thank you for once again sharing your time and talent with our school. It has been a sideways year in terms of demands on us. I appreciate so much your support and involvement. – a principal

• This is a program that the kids enjoy, that the parents feel good about, it is supported in the community, it fits with my curriculum (teaching 6th grades to research and write an essay), it’s about their future, it’s not often you have a program that does all that – why wouldn’t we do again? – a teacher

• Grade 6 students at the Tremont School have participated in the Future of Maine Essay contest for several years. Some of Tremont’s sixth graders might not consider college to be a viable option after high school. Some of Tremont’s sixth graders have vague ideas about education and career paths, but no real knowledge or plan to make those ideas a reality. Your visit to our school, the research these students undertake, and the act of articulating their plans/dreams in writing serves to invigorate these students. In addition, many of them leave this process with an understanding that the skills they gain in both middle school and high school serve to prepare them for higher education. – as school counselor

• I cannot say enough about how wonderful it has been to have Bob come into our school and talk with our kids about careers, colleges and future aspirations. I have never seen such excitement and determination about their futures and the possibilities that lie ahead of them. Their excitement has been contagious! Bob helped them, at this very young age, recognize that they CAN do anything they want to, they just need to put their minds to it! The students now recognize that the possibilities are endless and they are in control! What an incredible and rewarding process and an amazingly powerful message!!! – as school counselor

• It was unanimous. Our class decided you were the best speaker ever! – a teacher

• College sounds sick. – a third grader

• You did good. -- a 5th grader.

• I wanted to tell you what an inspiration you were for our 6th graders today. I know that most of those kids would never have thought they could go to college, but now most of them do! You have a great presentation. Please come back to speak to our 6th graders every year! -- a teacher