Maine College Circle Empowering the next generation of Maine . . . through aspirations, education, and effort.

Our nonprofit

Maine College Circle was established in 1992 as a publicly-supported, 501(c)(3) nonprofit to help provide better, equal, and earlier access to information and inspiration about the opportunity of higher education. The name of the nonprofit was changed in 2018 from the Foundation for the Advancement of Education to Maine College Circle. Today, Maine College Circle's Future of Maine Initiative helps shape early aspirations, while we emphasize the value of effort. Our goal is to help build a brighter future for rural Maine students and for their communities.

Maine College Circle is led by a staff of one, the program director, an active Board of Directors made up of educators, business professionals, and college students from Maine. And, much of the work is done and led locally by over 100 volunteers from around the state. We have a strong partnership with the Mitchell Institute and Mitchell Scholars who join us at most of our Aspirations Workshops. And, we have a very active group of students at Bowdoin College (the Bowdoin College Maine College Circle Group through the McKeen Center). We are slowly developing partnerships with other Maine colleges so that we can engage the next generation in shaping the future of rural Maine. See our 2020's Strategic Plan about engaging the next generation of rural Maine.